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Florida Does Not Need More Corporate Welfare

Original post date: March 27, 2013 Article by: Anonymous Even amongst fiscal conservatives, the argument is often made that the public funding of sports stadiums is justified because of the economic benefits they bring to their communities.  According to TBO, … Continue reading

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Do Floridians Oppose Medicaid Expansion?

Original post date: March 25, 2013 Article by: Anonymous The James Madison Institute in Tallahassee published a poll inquiring about Floridians’ support of the recently endorsed Medicaid expansion. The poll revealed that 59% of respondents oppose the expansion, but these … Continue reading

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Buildings Don’t Create Permanent Jobs

Original post date: March 22, 2013 Article by: Sam Staley Gaines Street is the “it” place for Tallahassee’s economic redevelopment initiatives, skirting the northern edge of the sourthern border of the Frenchtown/Southside Community Redevelopment Area. With large new projects going … Continue reading

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The Pope, Entrepreneurship, and Human Dignity

Original post date: March 20, 2013 Article by: Sam Staley The new Pope may be more sympathetic to entrepreneurship as a way to alleviate poverty than previous pontiffs. He seems to understand that individual freedom and liberty are essential to … Continue reading

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