Wealth Migration Pays Florida

State. It is also worth noting that you can track individual counties. For Florida, the biggest winners were a strip along the Gulf coast (from Citrus County to Collier) and most of the Atlantic coast.

Of course, there are other factors at play. The elderly (who are more likely to be wealthy) have been retiring to Florida for ages for reasons that have nothing to do with taxes; Washington, a state not particularly known for its conservative politics, also made respectable gains. Still, it’s hard to deny that the data seems consistent with the warnings of tax hawks; the major losers were states known for restrictive economic policies (New York, New Jersey, California), and the winners tended to be those with a more hands-off approach (Florida, Texas, Nevada).

The debate over the consequences of tax policies has been raging for a long time, and “How Money Walks” probably won’t change that. However, it does provide some interesting data for discussion, and it’s much more intuitive than the usual fodder.

About DeVoe Moore Center

The DeVoe L. Moore Center is conducts economic research and policy analysis focused on state and local policy issues and is located in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy at Florida State University in Tallahassee. As an educational institution the DMC provides professional research experience to undergraduate and master’s students through an extensive program of internships and independent study, preparing them for a future in public policy, economic development, public sector accountability and entrepreneurship.
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