Original post date: December 03, 2013
Article by: Anonymous

The Affordable Care Act has many flaws and critics, but entrepreneurial individuals have found a way to profit from the law, and investors are eager to take advantage of these openings. With new online exchanges, new policies and regulations, and millions of individuals affected, several service markets are opening up.

Venture capitalists are looking for opportunities to invest in companies that help health providers adjust to new billing methods, design technology for the online marketplaces, or are otherwise involved in the remodeled healthcare system. Since so many people will be joining an already crowded system, medical practices will be looking toward technological advances to increase efficiency.

The premiere of the exchanges revealed a host of technological glitches, indicating a need for investment into some more advanced technology and expertise in the online marketplaces’ designs. Additionally, many people remain in the dark about their options in the exchanges, so consumer education and marketing likely will become a profitable enterprise.

Another service opportunity exists for data collection, management, and analysis. Doctors need data on their patients for a myriad of reasons, the least of which is for proof to insurers for compensation. Doctors will also need to know which insurance plans provide the most compensation and whether the coverage on plans meets their standards. Comprehensive documentation and analysis of data in the healthcare industry is both immensely important and cumbersome to collect and manage, so innovators who can make it more efficient will be rewarded.

Billing is another area within healthcare that could benefit from some entrepreneurial attention. The new third-party payer system and other massive changes that are occurring will also make waves in the billing departments of hospitals and doctor offices across the country.

While many of its effects have been less than favorable, the Affordable Care Act has succeeded in at least one thing: providing new opportunities for employment and creating new investment opportunities for those with capital.

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