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New Study Sheds Light on Property Taxes in Florida

By Matt Kelly A new study by DeVoe Moore Eminent Scholar Keith Ihlanfeldt and economist Kevin Willardsen explores property taxes in Florida. The authors challenge the conventional wisdom that governments only consider the “public interest” when writing their budgets and … Continue reading

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New Study Tests the Merits of Surge Pricing

By Matt Kelly As Uber, Lyft and other “ridesharing” services continue to revolutionize the urban transportation landscape, more complaints are surfacing questioning the efficiency and fairness of the innovative services they provide. One of the more recent is “surge pricing,” … Continue reading

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The Current State of Pensions in Florida

By Matt Kelly With their swampy humidity and world famous theme parks, Florida’s cities seem a world away from the frigid cold and automotive factories of Detroit, Michigan. Yet the two states have at least one commonality: underfunded pension liabilities. … Continue reading

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Rubio’s Opposition to Normalization with Cuba Not Without Merit

By Matt Kelly Florida Senator Marco Rubio has been an outspoken critic of President Obama’s call to end the trade embargo on Cuba, characterizing the policy shift as “a victory for oppressive governments the world over.”The grandson of Cuban immigrants, … Continue reading

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