New Study Sheds Light on Ridesharing’s Labor Market

By Matt Kelly Few economic issues have been more talked about this year than the disruptive forays into the taxi market by ridesharing technology companies like Uber and Lyft. It seems reasonable to assume ridesharing drivers are of the same ilk as traditional taxi drivers, yet little academic research has been done...until now. A recent … Continue reading New Study Sheds Light on Ridesharing’s Labor Market

Florida Risks Government Shutdown

Florida’s legislature failed to pass a budget in this years legislative session. The House and Senate are opposed on major issues related to health care policy and medicaid expansion. Interested readers will want to visit the Beacon, the blog at The Independent Institute’s website, where DeVoe Moore Scholar Dr. Randall Holcombe posted a blog on … Continue reading Florida Risks Government Shutdown

Pricing Water in Florida

By Tyler Worthington As Florida’s population grows it will have to address a multitude of new problems, including stress on water supplies. States like California have experienced severe water shortages in recent years, and mismanagement has exacerbated this problem. Because California does not accurately price water, it has been misallocated. In Florida, The Turkey Point … Continue reading Pricing Water in Florida

Is Florida All Aboard for Intercity Railroads?

By Matt Kelly A battle over railroads is underway in the Sunshine State. Activists in Florida have stridently protested All Aboard Florida (AAF), which will launch the United State’s first privately funded and operated intercity rail service in over 50 years. AAF’s opponents strongly doubts the enterprise’s financial viability. Generally, rail services across the country … Continue reading Is Florida All Aboard for Intercity Railroads?

Business Incubator Helps Spur Student Entrepreneurs

By Joanna Douglas Florida State University students with a passion for social change are benefiting from partnerships beyond the campus to inspire their ideas for start-ups that address pressing social issues. The Tallahassee-based business incubator Domi Station continued its support of the university’s Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Initiative with a special opportunity for students to … Continue reading Business Incubator Helps Spur Student Entrepreneurs