Succeeding in the world of independent film is always challenging, but 2020 saddled filmmakers with an unprecedented mix of new obstacles and burdens. In a new all-virtual program, Free Minds Film, in partnership with Florida State University’s DeVoe L. Moore Center, asks a group of filmmakers what it’s like to release a film in the midst of a global pandemic, racial upheaval, and a circus-like presidential election. FMF also explores how this most unusual year will affect the future of filmmaking and how liberty-minded filmmakers can continue to reach mainstream audiences.  

In this series of webinars on filmmaking, public policy, and social impact, we will explore how liberty-minded filmmaking teams made important ideas entertaining and reached mainstream audiences. We’ll address the choices they made at every stage of development and get into the brass tacks of what the filmmaking team did “right” and what they might have done “wrong.” What did they learn along the way? What advice do they have for other filmmakers? 

These webinars are a unique opportunity for liberty-minded filmmakers, students, and other content creators to learn from the hard-knock life of independent filmmakers, take stock of the current state of the film industry, and potential opportunities to be part of the quickly growing field of visual storytelling.  

Webinar I: The Making of Mighty Ira

Join us on November 10th at 3PM EST via Zoom to discuss the making of Mighty Ira! Nico Perrino, producer and co-director of the film, will discuss the creative processes and the challenges of releasing it amidst a pandemic and presidential election.

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Webinar II: Making Dissident Films: What Killed Michael Brown?

Join us on November 12th at 3PM EST via Zoom to discuss the making of What Killed Michael Brown? We’ll be joined by renowned writer and film producer Shelby Steele and film director Eli Steele. Their film provides a provocative, alternative perspective on the state of race relations, racial politics, and pathways toward achievement in the current social and cultural environment.

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