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The DeVoe L. Moore Center is conducts economic research and policy analysis focused on state and local policy issues and is located in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy at Florida State University in Tallahassee. As an educational institution the DMC provides professional research experience to undergraduate and master’s students through an extensive program of internships and independent study, preparing them for a future in public policy, economic development, public sector accountability and entrepreneurship.

Why the U.S. Should Adopt the Nordic Approach to Private Roads

By Giovanna da Silva Many view the United States as a free market capitalist state and Nordic countries such as Sweden and Finland as socialist due to their extensive welfare system. Yet, in the United States, most roads, highways, and … Continue reading

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Private Toll Roads: A Case Study of Tallahassee’s Orchard Pond Parkway

By Giovanna da Silva Florida boasts the highest number of toll roads in the country. Until last April, state and local governments owned and operated all of Florida toll roads. Tallahassee’s Orchard Pond Parkway challenged this precedent, however, opening to … Continue reading

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Middle Eastern Entrepreneurs Face Regulatory Hurdles

By Kristen Carpenter and Giovanna da Silva Entrepreneurship often serves as a means to achieve social change. In the Middle East, social enterprises such as Glowork foster advancement by providing the disenfranchised with empowerment and professional development opportunities. Many entrepreneurs … Continue reading

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Bethel Church Vital to Frenchtown Community Redevelopment

By N’namdi Green Today, faith-based organizations continue to influence communities beyond the religious realm. Bethel Missionary Baptist Church of Tallahassee is a prime example of a faith-based organization inserting itself into non-conventional fields. Bethel has been at the forefront of … Continue reading

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Regulations Hinder Growth of Florida’s Solar Energy Sector

By Sam Stadtlander and Giovanna da Silva In 1883, Charles Fritts created the first solar cell and established the path towards developing renewable solar energy.  Since then, the 20th and 21st centuries have seen increased demand for technological innovation in the … Continue reading

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Entrepreneur Develops Technology to Monitor Police Interactions

By Leesa Newbon and Giovanna da Silva Transparency and government accountability are considered essential components to  maintaining a healthy democracy and reducing corruption. With the rise of  technological advancements in the digital media era, entrepreneurs can facilitate demands for transparency … Continue reading

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Jones Act Protectionism Hinders Puerto Rican Recovery Efforts

By Giovanna da Silva On September 16, Category 5 Hurricane Maria made landfall on Puerto Rico with sustained winds of 155 miles per hour. Maria set the record as the strongest hurricane to hit the island in 89 years. With … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabian Entrepreneur Advances Women’s Rights in the Middle East

By Kristen Carpenter and Giovanna DaSilva Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia became the first country to grant a robot by the name of Sophia full-fledged citizenship. Critics noted that while Sophia can roam the streets of the country unaccompanied, Saudi … Continue reading

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Hurricane Response Efforts are Most Effective When Decentralized

By Chad Thomas According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), emergency responses to hurricanes aim to prevent further loss of life and  property damage. Effective emergency responses utilize local information and enable decentralized responses from within the disaster zone. … Continue reading

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The Jones Act is Sinking the Growth of American Industries

By Giovanna DaSilva The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, commonly referred to as the Jones Act, is a law enacted to protect the United States’ maritime industry, regulate commerce, and bolster national defense. While well-intentioned, the act fails to reflect … Continue reading

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