New Study Explores Crony Capitalism in Florida

A new study published by The James Madison Institute by DeVoe L. Moore Center Policy Analyst Matthew Kelly and Center Director Samuel Staley explores two examples of crony capitalism in Florida's government policy: sports stadium subsidies and film tax incentives. The authors urge Floridians to remain vigilant over the spending of their tax dollars by government … Continue reading New Study Explores Crony Capitalism in Florida

Housing Formation in a Recession

Post date: June 27, 2013 Article by: Gary Chong-Qui In past years, a stigma seems to have followed people moving back in with their parents after college. Most undergrads think they’ll have their lives sorted out by the time graduation day comes, or at the very least have some direction for moving on. The statistics … Continue reading Housing Formation in a Recession

Florida’s Public Pension Funding #1

Original post date: November 29, 2012 Article by: Anonymous Despite all of the controversy surrounding the soundness of Florida’s public pension programs, a report by Jagadeesh Gokhale at the Cato Institute recognizes Florida as the number one state in terms of public pension plan health. This may be surprising due to all of the scrutiny Florida’s … Continue reading Florida’s Public Pension Funding #1