Pricing Water in Florida

By Tyler Worthington As Florida’s population grows it will have to address a multitude of new problems, including stress on water supplies. States like California have experienced severe water shortages in recent years, and mismanagement has exacerbated this problem. Because California does not accurately price water, it has been misallocated. In Florida, The Turkey Point … Continue reading Pricing Water in Florida

The Changing Landscape of Urban Transportation

Original post date: October 10, 2014 Article by: Ben Douglas Uber CEO Travis Kalanick recently released his vision for the future, touting “a million fewer cars on the road,” along with reduced congestion, emissions, and DUIs. If this vision is realized, in combination with an aging driving demographic and the rise of driverless cars, it … Continue reading The Changing Landscape of Urban Transportation

Solar Energy Users Left in the Dark by Utilities

Original post date: February 06, 2014 Article by: Anonymous Solar powered homes are becoming increasingly ubiquitous as US citizens move toward more environmentally sustainable ways of using energy. In 2013 rooftop solar systems were being installed at a rate of one new installation every 4 minutes. Although the Obama Administration is pushing for public and … Continue reading Solar Energy Users Left in the Dark by Utilities