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Government Consolidation Rarely Lives Up to Promises

By Matt Kelly Government consolidation is an often-touted solution to economic and social problems in American cities. Several initiatives to combine local governments  have resulted in conjoined regional governments, including Indianapolis-Marion County (IN), Athens-Clarke County (GA), and Jacksonville-Duval County (FL). … Continue reading

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Economic Freedom Key to Cities’ Success

By Matt Kelly Economic freedom is the unrestricted ability of people in a country to associate and transact with one another. Measuring economic freedom has become a growing area of academic research. Probably the best known measure is the index … Continue reading

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Study Finds Growth Management Laws Reduce Housing Affordability

by Matt Kelly A new study by Cato Institute Senior Fellow Randal O’Toole explores the history and effects of growth management in the United States. Growth-management laws, according to O’Toole, “restrict rural development in order to force most growth into … Continue reading

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Local Government Revenue Indicates Sluggish Recovery for Florida’s Businesses

By Benjamin Petersen and Matthew Laird Revenue collected by Florida’s local governments has grown dramatically in the last few decades, raising the importance that Floridians have an accurate understanding of how our governments raise and spend taxdollars. Revenue collected by … Continue reading

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Anti-Price Gouging laws Hamper Storm Recovery

By Chad Thomas Prices can tell us a lot. They communicate information about the value of resources in an economy and coordinate action among myriad buyers and sellers, many of whom have never met. The price system often comes into … Continue reading

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Microfinancing: Good for the Poor?

By Logan Shewmaker Many businesses start on loans. Traditionally, the loan process works by allowing a business owner or individual to approach a bank, receive the money upfront, and then pay back the amount loaned out over a period of … Continue reading

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Gender Wage Gap in Florida

By Tyler Worthington, Tian Ma, and Igor Lukashevich One of the hottest topics in the 2016 presidential race is income inequality. Income inequality between the genders has been of particular interest. According to the White House, full-time working women are … Continue reading

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