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Some Regulations Hinder Storm Recovery

By Chad Thomas and Matt Kelly One common policy response to hurricanes is to strengthen building codes. Former FEMA chairman Craig Fugate blames inadequate state and local building codes, rather than inept federal government disaster relief efforts, for the woeful … Continue reading

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Tallahassee’s Local Permitting Process Reviewed

By Benjamin Peterson, Colin Cook, and Scott Williams One of the core issues of the DeVoe Moore Center (DMC) is regulatory streamlining and reform. Previous reports on local permitting have considered particular development types, including shopping centers and telecommunications towers. … Continue reading

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The Per Business Regulatory Burden: Ranking Florida’s Local Governments

By Matt Kelly and Tyler Worthington The dramatic increase in federal government regulation has been well documented by economists and journalists, as has its detrimental effects on economic growth. The DeVoe Moore Center has constructed assorted measures of state and … Continue reading

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Do Left-Leaning Cities Oppose New Housing?

Original post date: February 25, 2013 Article by: Anonymous Matthew E. Kahn of UCLA’s Institute of Environment concludes in a study published in the Journal of Urban Economicsthat cities with a majority of citizens registered in political parties with liberal … Continue reading

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