Entrepreneurs Create Wealth that Builds Civil Society

By Giovanna da Silva On March 4, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey led a discussion on social entrepreneurship at LibertyCon, an international pro-liberty student conference hosted annually by Students For Liberty in Washington DC. Mackey detailed his political and business journey from being the owner of a small organic food store to heading one of … Continue reading Entrepreneurs Create Wealth that Builds Civil Society

Reevaluating Benefit Corporations

Original post date: October 13, 2014 Article by: Dan Davy A previous blog discussed the potential for Florida’s recently passed Benefit Corporation (B-Corp) legislation to encourage social enterprise. Some consider the B Corp movement a “seismic sea change in the world of corporations.” However, whether this legal innovation will make a significant impact on social … Continue reading Reevaluating Benefit Corporations

B-Corps: A New Kind of Company

Original post date: September 23, 2014 Article by: Matt Kelly On July 20th, 2014, Rick Scott signed SB 654 into law, creating two new types of business entities. These benefit corporations or “B-Corps” are designed to encourage corporations to pursue charitable purposes, attempting to combine the strengths of both for-profits and nonprofits, while discarding each’s weaknesses. Such hybrid businesses could allow … Continue reading B-Corps: A New Kind of Company

A March for Charity Reform is Afoot

Original post date: August, 28, 2014 Posted by: Matt Kelly By June of next year, hundreds, perhaps thousands will be marching 60 miles through New England to Salem, Massachusetts, the site where the Pilgrims first landed at Plymouth Rock. For three days, these passionate activists will trudge a path to change the world. They will … Continue reading A March for Charity Reform is Afoot