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Property Tax Appeal Process Benefits Wealthy, Non-minority Homeowners

Property taxes in Florida are based on annual assessments of property values made by county officials.  Homeowners in Florida can challenge assessments that they believe overvalue their property and inflate their tax bill.  Informally, the homeowner may meet with the … Continue reading

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The Per Business Regulatory Burden: Ranking Florida’s Local Governments

By Matt Kelly and Tyler Worthington The dramatic increase in federal government regulation has been well documented by economists and journalists, as has its detrimental effects on economic growth. The DeVoe Moore Center has constructed assorted measures of state and … Continue reading

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New Report Analyzes Tallahassee’s Permitting Process

By Matt Kelly An efficient regulatory process is essential to the business development strategies of cities like Tallahassee, Florida. Regulations that are too cumbersome or unnecessary increase the cost of doing business without serving the public interest. The growth and … Continue reading

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Regulations mislead, unfairly question safety of small food producers

State regulations often impose unnecessary burdens on small businesses, including the cottage-food industry Continue reading

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Entrepreneurship and Civil Rights: Then and Now

Original post date: November 07, 2014 Article by: Matt Kelly Florida State University recently hosted distinguished Florida A&M University professor David Jackson for a lecture on the role of business in the Civil Rights Movement. Using his research on Booker … Continue reading

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For Whom the Road Rolls (Me or Thee?)

Original post date: September 05, 2012 Article by: Sam Staley A catchy little tune is making its way around the Internet, lambasting the tolls levied by the Dulles Greenway.   The Greenway is a privately developed, owned, and financed extension … Continue reading

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About the DeVoe Moore Center Blog

Original Post date: July 10, 2012 Article by: Sam Staley Welcome to the official blog of the DeVoe L. Moore Center. In the comming days, weeks, and months, we will be highlighting facts and analysis focusing on land use, housing, … Continue reading

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