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Economic Freedom Key to the “Wealth of Cities”

By Matt Kelly Economic freedom is the unrestricted ability of people in a country to associate and transact with one another. Measuring economic freedom has become a growing area of academic research. Probably the best known measure is the index … Continue reading

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Preparing Florida’s Government Policy for The Next Big Hurricane

by Chad Thomas Political and economic conditions in New Orleans before 2005 left the city unprepared for Hurricane Katrina. The government bureaucracies responsible for levee maintenance were mismanaged and corrupt officials diverted needed funds. Weak economic performance before Katrina also … Continue reading

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Buildings Don’t Create Permanent Jobs

Original post date: March 22, 2013 Article by: Sam Staley Gaines Street is the “it” place for Tallahassee’s economic redevelopment initiatives, skirting the northern edge of the sourthern border of the Frenchtown/Southside Community Redevelopment Area. With large new projects going … Continue reading

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