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Study Explores Local Government Response to Recessions

Recessions can be trying times for city and county governments. They typically experience a fall in revenue from two primary sources:  1) a shrinking property tax base because of falling property values and 2) lower intergovernmental transfers—grants and other payments … Continue reading

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New Overtime Rules Blocked For Now, But Uncertainty Weighs on Businesses

By Matt Kelly CLOCK IN TIME: 6:10pm Work in the United States may be about to change. The Department of Labor (DOL) has updated overtime rules relating to the Fair Labor Standards Act, and some changes could have a big … Continue reading

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New Study Examines Spillover Effects of Real Estate Owned Properties

Since the housing market collapse, banks have repossessed large numbers of homes. These REO or real estate owned properties are often vacant and rundown and can lower the values of nearby residences. While research confirms this spillover effect of REOs … Continue reading

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Local Government Revenue Indicates Sluggish Recovery for Florida’s Businesses

By Benjamin Petersen and Matthew Laird Revenue collected by Florida’s local governments has grown dramatically in the last few decades, raising the importance that Floridians have an accurate understanding of how our governments raise and spend taxdollars. Revenue collected by … Continue reading

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Tax Increment Financing Has Unclear Effects

By Casey Barr Originally used in California in 1952, TIF is the most widely utilized type of economic development program in the nation, with 49 states and the District of Columbia currently authorize its use. Arizona is the only state that … Continue reading

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Foreclosed Properties Sold to Homeowners Stabilize Property Values

The collapse of the housing market led to an increase in the number of foreclosed residences, with ownership of many reverting to the banks. These are referred to as REO (real estate owned) properties. Recent research concludes the presence of … Continue reading

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New Report Analyzes Tallahassee’s Permitting Process

By Matt Kelly An efficient regulatory process is essential to the business development strategies of cities like Tallahassee, Florida. Regulations that are too cumbersome or unnecessary increase the cost of doing business without serving the public interest. The growth and … Continue reading

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