Entrepreneurship and Civil Rights: Then and Now

Photograph of Eunice N. Cofie, entrepreneur and founder of Nuekie. Original post date: November 07, 2014 Article by: Matt Kelly Florida State University recently hosted distinguished Florida A&M University professor David Jackson for a lecture on the role of business in the Civil Rights Movement. Using his research on Booker T. Washington as a basis, … Continue reading Entrepreneurship and Civil Rights: Then and Now

Reevaluating Benefit Corporations

Original post date: October 13, 2014 Article by: Dan Davy A previous blog discussed the potential for Florida’s recently passed Benefit Corporation (B-Corp) legislation to encourage social enterprise. Some consider the B Corp movement a “seismic sea change in the world of corporations.” However, whether this legal innovation will make a significant impact on social … Continue reading Reevaluating Benefit Corporations