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Some Regulations Hinder Storm Recovery

By Chad Thomas and Matt Kelly One common policy response to hurricanes is to strengthen building codes. Former FEMA chairman Craig Fugate blames inadequate state and local building codes, rather than inept federal government disaster relief efforts, for the woeful … Continue reading

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Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Still Vulnerable to Underfunding

By Chad Thomas Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Citizens) is a state-run insurer of last resort for commercial and residential property owners unable to afford a policy in the private market. Citizens tends to insure wealthy homeowners along the coast, … Continue reading

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Preparing Florida’s Government Policy for The Next Big Hurricane

by Chad Thomas Political and economic conditions in New Orleans before 2005 left the city unprepared for Hurricane Katrina. The government bureaucracies responsible for levee maintenance were mismanaged and corrupt officials diverted needed funds. Weak economic performance before Katrina also … Continue reading

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Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is Regressive and Risky

By Matt Kelly Citizens Property Insurance Corporation was formed by the Florida Legislature in 2002 for the purpose of serving Florida’s residual property insurance market. Its creation was justified by the argument that middle-income residents have a tough time purchasing … Continue reading

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Depopulation of Citizens Property Insurance Should Continue

By Matt Kelly On February 17th, 2015, Florida state Senator Anitere Flores filed SB 1006, which would place restrictions on shifting insurance policies from state-backed Citizens Property Insurance Corporation to private sector insurers. Citizens’ policyholders would be notified before being … Continue reading

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Florida’s Dysfunctional Property Insurance System

By Matt Kelly Many readers will remember the hurricane season of 2004 as a chaotic time to be a Florida resident. The Sunshine State received four torrential storms that year, causing $45 billion in losses. School was cancelled, streets were … Continue reading

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