The Lack of Nuisance Laws in South Florida Sugarcane Farming

By: Mae Baltz In 2021, the United States produced over 33 million tons of sugarcane, with a majority of the crop harvested in the fields of Belle Glade, Florida. The city has a median household income of $28,028, with the sugar industry as one of its largest employers. As such, many of the Glade’s citizens … Continue reading The Lack of Nuisance Laws in South Florida Sugarcane Farming

[Stern-Wheeler Arriving at Silver Springs, Florida, after an Overnight Run up the St. Johns, Oklawaha, & Silver Rivers]

Protecting North Florida’s Springs

By Jad Kabbani North Florida's springs are highly valued environmental resources, known for their water quality and recreational appeal. The region, along with Central Florida, is home to the densest concentration of freshwater springs in the world. Consequentially, North Florida's economy heavily depends on this abundant natural resource as visitors and locals take advantage of … Continue reading Protecting North Florida’s Springs

Florida’s Frugal Government

By Randall G. Holcombe, Ph.D. Living in Tallahassee, I often hear people complain about Florida’s frugal state government.  It is true that Florida is among the most frugal states. According to this article Florida is second from the bottom among states in per capita state government expenditures, and this article says Florida is also second … Continue reading Florida’s Frugal Government