[Stern-Wheeler Arriving at Silver Springs, Florida, after an Overnight Run up the St. Johns, Oklawaha, & Silver Rivers]

Protecting North Florida’s Springs

By Jad Kabbani North Florida's springs are highly valued environmental resources, known for their water quality and recreational appeal. The region, along with Central Florida, is home to the densest concentration of freshwater springs in the world. Consequentially, North Florida's economy heavily depends on this abundant natural resource as visitors and locals take advantage of … Continue reading Protecting North Florida’s Springs

Sports Stadiums Not Worth Public Subsidies

By Logan Shewmaker Next time you attend a ballgame, consider for a moment the monumental effort necessary to build a sports stadium. Surely, stadiums are among the most impressive structures ever built. Tourists continue to marvel at the architectural wonder of Rome’s Coliseum. But does that justify public subsidies? Three-fourths of stadiums in the U.S. … Continue reading Sports Stadiums Not Worth Public Subsidies

Buildings Don’t Create Permanent Jobs

Original post date: March 22, 2013 Article by: Sam Staley 5/8/2023 Edits: Some links that were no longer compatible have been fixed. Gaines Street is the "it" place for Tallahassee's economic redevelopment initiatives, skirting the northern edge of the southern border of the Frenchtown/Southside Community Redevelopment Area. With large new projects going up along the … Continue reading Buildings Don’t Create Permanent Jobs