Florida Risks Government Shutdown

Florida’s legislature failed to pass a budget in this years legislative session. The House and Senate are opposed on major issues related to health care policy and medicaid expansion. Interested readers will want to visit the Beacon, the blog at The Independent Institute’s website, where DeVoe Moore Scholar Dr. Randall Holcombe posted a blog on … Continue reading Florida Risks Government Shutdown

Do Floridians Oppose Medicaid Expansion?

Original post date: March 25, 2013 Article by: Anonymous The James Madison Institute in Tallahassee published a poll inquiring about Floridians’ support of the recently endorsed Medicaid expansion. The poll revealed that 59% of respondents oppose the expansion, but these conclusions elicited some criticism from Josh Barro at Bloomberg View. The poll started off with … Continue reading Do Floridians Oppose Medicaid Expansion?