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Some Regulations Hinder Storm Recovery

By Chad Thomas and Matt Kelly One common policy response to hurricanes is to strengthen building codes. Former FEMA chairman Craig Fugate blames inadequate state and local building codes, rather than inept federal government disaster relief efforts, for the woeful … Continue reading

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Monopolistic Licensing Board Taken to Court, Others Could Follow

By Matt Kelly In 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled that North Carolina’s State Board of Dental Examiners, which administers the state’s occupational licensing regulations, violated federal antitrust law. Occupational licensing has been growing for decades, both in terms of … Continue reading

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Occupational Licensing For Florida’s Barbers Does More Harm Than Good

By Jamaal Gill The rise of occupational licensing has become a major concern to Florida’s businesses. These regulations affect everyone from doctors to restauranteurs; barbers to financial advisors. The main justifications for occupational licensing are the promotion of consumer welfare, … Continue reading

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