[Stern-Wheeler Arriving at Silver Springs, Florida, after an Overnight Run up the St. Johns, Oklawaha, & Silver Rivers]

Protecting North Florida’s Springs

By Jad Kabbani North Florida's springs are highly valued environmental resources, known for their water quality and recreational appeal. The region, along with Central Florida, is home to the densest concentration of freshwater springs in the world. Consequentially, North Florida's economy heavily depends on this abundant natural resource as visitors and locals take advantage of … Continue reading Protecting North Florida’s Springs

Florida’s Tourism Development Tax

By Erick Winterkamp   Policymakers experience conflicting pressure concerning taxation. Corporations want taxation on competing products and industries, government officials often need more taxation to cover rising expenses, and the public would rather taxes be levied on anyone but themselves. Balancing these opposing factors, along with elected officials’ desire for reelection, results in a myriad … Continue reading Florida’s Tourism Development Tax

Why do Workers Support The Minimum Wage?

Original post date: February 03, 2014 Article by: Ben Douglas One of the more peculiar political phenomena of our time is the widespread support of minimum wage laws among unskilled labor, particularly service workers in low-wage industries such as hotels, restaurants, and retail shops. This is likely to increase with President Obama’s push to increase … Continue reading Why do Workers Support The Minimum Wage?