Florida Risks Government Shutdown

Florida’s legislature failed to pass a budget in this years legislative session. The House and Senate are opposed on major issues related to health care policy and medicaid expansion. Interested readers will want to visit the Beacon, the blog at The Independent Institute’s website, where DeVoe Moore Scholar Dr. Randall Holcombe posted a blog on … Continue reading Florida Risks Government Shutdown

The Foundations of Political Capitalism

By Matt Kelly Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century raised quite a stir last year among economists. Piketty identifies rising wealth inequality as inherent in capitalism, and recommends a worldwide wealth tax to temper its effects. Many have taken issue with Piketty’s data and analysis, and the idea that inequality is rising at all … Continue reading The Foundations of Political Capitalism

The Current State of Pensions in Florida

By Matt Kelly With their swampy humidity and world famous theme parks, Florida’s cities seem a world away from the frigid cold and automotive factories of Detroit, Michigan. Yet the two states have at least one commonality: underfunded pension liabilities. Such liabilities can potentially put a state or municipality into budgetary crisis, even bankruptcy. Reforming … Continue reading The Current State of Pensions in Florida

The Two Kinds of Capitalism

Original post date: February 12, 2014 Article by: Ben Douglas The term “capitalism” is often thrown around in American political discourse without a specified or coherent meaning. Frequently in a debate, opposing parties will attack or defend their own perceived ideas of what capitalism is, without realizing that their opponent has in mind a completely … Continue reading The Two Kinds of Capitalism