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Some Regulations Hinder Storm Recovery

By Chad Thomas and Matt Kelly One common policy response to hurricanes is to strengthen building codes. Former FEMA chairman Craig Fugate blames inadequate state and local building codes, rather than inept federal government disaster relief efforts, for the woeful … Continue reading

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Regulators Adapt to the Sharing Economy

By Matt Kelly The so-called “sharing economy” has revolutionized the way people travel, lodge, eat, and work through companies such as Uber, Lyfft, airbnb, and OpenTable. Buyers and sellers are increasingly transacting on online platforms that use a mix of … Continue reading

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Preparing Florida’s Government Policy for The Next Big Hurricane

by Chad Thomas Political and economic conditions in New Orleans before 2005 left the city unprepared for Hurricane Katrina. The government bureaucracies responsible for levee maintenance were mismanaged and corrupt officials diverted needed funds. Weak economic performance before Katrina also … Continue reading

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Monopolistic Licensing Board Taken to Court, Others Could Follow

By Matt Kelly In 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled that North Carolina’s State Board of Dental Examiners, which administers the state’s occupational licensing regulations, violated federal antitrust law. Occupational licensing has been growing for decades, both in terms of … Continue reading

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The Per Business Regulatory Burden: Ranking Florida’s Local Governments

By Matt Kelly and Tyler Worthington The dramatic increase in federal government regulation has been well documented by economists and journalists, as has its detrimental effects on economic growth. The DeVoe Moore Center has constructed assorted measures of state and … Continue reading

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New Report Analyzes Tallahassee’s Permitting Process

By Matt Kelly An efficient regulatory process is essential to the business development strategies of cities like Tallahassee, Florida. Regulations that are too cumbersome or unnecessary increase the cost of doing business without serving the public interest. The growth and … Continue reading

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Urban gardens face zoning restrictions

By Stephany Bittar Urban gardens are cropping up all over the country, and it’s easy to see why. Growing food inside cities can be cheap, and can provide a new level of control over what  we consume. Urban gardens can … Continue reading

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