[Stern-Wheeler Arriving at Silver Springs, Florida, after an Overnight Run up the St. Johns, Oklawaha, & Silver Rivers]

Protecting North Florida’s Springs

By Jad Kabbani North Florida's springs are highly valued environmental resources, known for their water quality and recreational appeal. The region, along with Central Florida, is home to the densest concentration of freshwater springs in the world. Consequentially, North Florida's economy heavily depends on this abundant natural resource as visitors and locals take advantage of … Continue reading Protecting North Florida’s Springs

Private Companies Partner to Conserve and Purify Water

By Caroline Descorbo Having access to clean drinking water is essential to sustaining human life. According to the Center for Disease Control, 780 million people do not have access to “improved,” or sanitary, sources of water. According to the World Bank, 88 percent of diseases contracted in developing nations can be attributed to unsafe drinking water … Continue reading Private Companies Partner to Conserve and Purify Water

Preparing Florida’s Government Policy for The Next Big Hurricane

by Chad Thomas Political and economic conditions in New Orleans before 2005 left the city unprepared for Hurricane Katrina. The government bureaucracies responsible for levee maintenance were mismanaged and corrupt officials diverted needed funds. Weak economic performance before Katrina also set up affected areas for slow recovery afterward. New Orleans’ experience shows how government can … Continue reading Preparing Florida’s Government Policy for The Next Big Hurricane

Pricing Water in Florida

By Tyler Worthington As Florida’s population grows it will have to address a multitude of new problems, including stress on water supplies. States like California have experienced severe water shortages in recent years, and mismanagement has exacerbated this problem. Because California does not accurately price water, it has been misallocated. In Florida, The Turkey Point … Continue reading Pricing Water in Florida

Go Green, Don’t Expand Transit

Original post date: November 04, 2013 Article by: Ben Douglas The careful application of economics to policy reveals a host of ironies. Minimum wages create unemployment among the very unskilled laborers policymakers intend to help. Rent control destroys housing in the very cities it is intended to save. Adam Smith’s entire concept of an “invisible hand,” … Continue reading Go Green, Don’t Expand Transit

Legislator Residency Called into Question

Original post date: July 30, 2013 Article by: Anonymous 5/10/2023 Edits: Some links that were no longer working have been fixed. The Tampa Bay Times reported that Governor Scott has assigned his top lawyer to look into claims that six state legislators do not actually reside in the districts they represent. The accusations come courtesy … Continue reading Legislator Residency Called into Question