The DeVoe L. Moore Center has supported over 150 students through our Internship Program. At the end of each semester, we ask our students to voluntarily write a brief reflection on their experience. We’ve categorized their testimonies into the four categories: Beyond The Classroom, Professional Preparedness, Community and Collaboration, and Beyond The Campus.

Beyond The Classroom

“My internship experience at the DeVoe L. Moore Center helped me improve my research and writing skills. As an Editing, Writing, and Media major, I was given the role of staff writer for the social entrepreneurship group, I learned about different social enterprises and researched their impact in the marketplace as well as their impact on society. I received mentorship under a blog manager and I learned the process of editing blog articles for publication. I also received guidance and recommendations on my work from Dr. Staley, he played a vital role in shaping my writing and thought processes. My work consisted of writing articles, newsletters and reports, all of which gave me material to build a strong portfolio.” 

— Gianni Vasquez, ‘19, former editorial intern.

“As an economics student at the Florida State University, I wanted a challenge to enhance my research and analytical skills. I know that thanks to my experiences working with the Devoe Moore Center, I have been equipped with the skills necessary for my professional pursuits. Working with the Devoe Moore Center will give you the chance to contribute research that can make an impact in your community and potentially even beyond.”

Cole Davidson, FSU ‘16, B.S. Economics/minor entrepreneurship. Cole is pursuing his M.S. in Finance at Florida International University and training as an analyst for the Miami-based private equity firm Transcendent Investment Management.

“My overarching assertion is simply that this think-tank’s best asset is the quality of talent that it attracts. I am both grateful and humbled as a result of the experience…. My experience in the DeVoe Moore Center is one of the main reasons I’m glad I chose Florida State University. Florida State University provides the opportunities to make the connection between the classroom and the real world.”

—  Dante Grieco, Data Analysis Group, CRA Project, working with tableau & data visualization

Professional Preparedness

I worked for the DeVoe Moore Center for a little over a year during my undergraduate career at FSU. The experience I gained was second to none, and it really gave me a sense of what a real job during research would entail. I was challenged heavily throughout the internship and it gave me an excellent idea of what I am good at and should pursue, and things I’m not so good at and should continue to work on so I can further my marketability to employers. If you are looking to further your skills in economic policy, quantitative analysis, writing and business communication, then look no further. The DeVoe Moore Center gives you those opportunities and more.” 

— Erik Winterkamp, Economics ‘16, research assistant, Fall 2015-June 2016

“The DeVoe L. Moore Center provides exceptional intrapreneurial opportunities to its employees and interns. The DMC provides real world work experience that pays off in the job market. I accepted an offer as a Data Scientist, at Northrop Grumman in Los Angeles. In my interview, they were very impressed with my experiences with the Data Analytics Group and its founding. In fact, when I was touring the facilities one of our tour guides recognized me from my time at the DMC working on government transparency. We had a great conversation while I was a DMC rep and he brought it up to the hiring manager.” 

— Tyler Worthington, ‘16, former intern and manager of the Data Analytics 

“I want to say that you were right about remote work at the DMC paying off, as IBM has transitioned fully remote and I felt quite on top of things as we pivoted thanks to my experience with you! I think that the biggest thing I took from the DMC was critical thinking. Due to your leadership style, there was never a pre-defined ‘win’ [not as such in the corporate world] which allowed me to diagnose and address problems myself. This is super important in both my work, but also how I work with other teams and allocate time.” 

— Austin Eovito, Data Scientists, IBM, FSU BS, ‘18, MS ‘19, former manager, Data Analytics Group

“The DeVoe L. Moore Center is a fantastic resource for FSU students! Professional development in areas of policy, data analysis, and social entrepreneurship, the DeVoe L. Moore Center is coming through strong!”

— Kevin Gomez, Economics ‘16, DMC outreach coordinator, August 2015-June 2016, now program manager and instructor, Creighton University, Institute for Economic Inquiry 

“The Outreach Coordinator position had a huge impact on me professionally, intellectually, and personally. I am so glad to see the DeVoe Moore Center continue to be a resource for students. And thank you so much. Cornell was a great experience. It is hard to believe I accomplished and learned so much in so little time there. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to grow both there and at Florida State. Next, I am hoping to do more policy analysis and work on social or economic development issues. Ultimately, I would like to work on projects and ideas that apply market and behavioral economics. As someone who enjoys experiencing new places, I am not tied to staying in Washington D.C., but cannot ignore the vast opportunities here. I am really excited for this next step and will be sure to keep you updated!” 

— Jacqueline Stine, FSU ‘16 (may), Economics, minors in French, business, and mathematics; Cornell, applied economics & management, May ‘17

My experience with the DMC was definitely noteworthy. The staff truly cared about the success of each intern and was always there to help with any questions or concerns along the way. The remote work of the DMC allows individuals to take on their own projects without being “micromanaged”, and the freedom we have allows us to do work based on our own interests. Having taken all the coursework for Business Analytics, the hands-on experience I encountered in the DMC has truly been eye-opening for what’s to come post-graduation. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work along with such a talented and motivated group of people!

— Tala Halaby, Data Analytics, Economics Major, Business Analytics Minor

“When I was a junior, the DMC offered the opportunity to become a Public Policy Research Assistant. They put us student researchers at the center of their operations, and helped guide me to choose my own research. Fast forward two and a half years later working here, and The DMC has allowed me to flourish at FSU. I was able to work with the College of Social Science’s top professors and produce meaningful research results, some of which have allowed me to present at an international conference. Not only that, but the DMC has also allowed me to attend exclusive events with both President Thrasher and Governor DeSantis. Overall the DMC has given me so much knowledge and also exposure to the real world that I feel very confident that I will succeed wherever I go.”

— Jason Blackthorne, MA in Applied Economics ‘20

“Working at the DMC for the last two years has definitely been a highlight of my undergraduate experience. Not only have I learned about how to create ingestible policy research, but I have also been able to network with faculty, peers, and think tanks around Tallahassee. I have been able to focus in and learn what topics are most interesting to me, and create published pieces that I have used to build up my portfolio. Without the center, I would not have had a practical outlet to learn how to apply the theories from classes into an actionable career.”

— Shayna Cohen, Applied Economics Masters Student, Public Policy, BS in Economics and Actuarial Science.

“My experience as a public policy intern at the DeVoe Moore Center has been one of the most enriching components of my undergraduate career. I have worked through the process of drafting an op-ed article about the potential legislation of a Children’s Service Council in Leon County. While doing this, I have learned information about the functions of the local government and children and family service organizations in the community. I have enjoyed the opportunity to research social issues that are important to me. In addition to improving skills as a researcher and writer, I have made meaningful connections with other interns and faculty members at the Center. The flexible, and remote nature of my work for the DeVoe Moore Center has encouraged me to be more organized, self-motivated and set realistic, measurable goals.”

— Jordan Bellott, Public Policy, BA Economics and International Affairs ‘20

As I’m looking back on my past, it was DeVoe L. Moore Center that got my foot in the door to get my first corporate internship with Citibank. Then from there, that internship and the DMC led me to get interviews with companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, and so on. They all asked about us. And now, this past semester with the DMC has led me to realize I love project management and I decided to go with a PM internship with Cisco! This internship, from Spring 2019 to now, has been the foundation to many of my successes throughout my college career. You all have been the best mentors I could’ve asked for and people I hope I will have in my network throughout the rest of my career.

— Janelle Otero, Former Data Analytics Manager, BS Management Information Systems ‘20.

“Becoming involved with the Devoe L. Moore center broadened my perspective regarding potential opportunities for me to pursue. My involvement allowed me to pinpoint specific areas in economic research where my passion shined and encouraged my development of necessary technical skills for future application in the field. Most importantly, my experience with the DMC served as a reassurance to myself that this is the field in which I belong.”

— Corrine Bresky, Data Analytics ‘20-’21; Psychology Major

“To put it simply, I could not have gotten my current job without the experiences provided by the Devoe L. Moore Center. The DMC’s structure provided a world class insight into data analysis, project management, and research presentation. Everything I learned could be immediately applied on the job, which allowed me to hit the ground running after graduation. I must shout out Dr. Crystal Taylor as well, every milestone hit would not have been possible without her! I am thankful everyday that I got to join a group of hard-working, motivated individuals that pushed me further than I could imagine. Essentially, the DMC added rocket fuel to my degree.”               

— Matthew Stockwell, Public Policy ‘20-’21; BS in Finance and Economics 

“The DeVoe L. Moore Center has provided me with the invaluable opportunity to perform research that requires both personal initiative and cooperation with others.  Interning with the DeVoe L. Moore Center is an excellent way to prepare oneself for the workplace.  Additionally, the freedom to choose the direction of one’s research is a component of the DMC that fosters self-accountability to a degree that is difficult to obtain by other means.  The amount of attention given by the staff and their impressive effort make the DeVoe L. Moore Center an entity that champions and develops its interns.”

— Kyle Ringers, Public Policy ‘20-’21; International Affairs Major

“In my time with the DMC I’ve grown immensely in my research and writing skills. As an economics major, research is an avenue I knew I could take professionally but that always felt out of reach as an undergraduate. The DMC, however, has given me the opportunity to conduct my own research and immerse myself in every step of the research process. I’ve also made leaps in my professional writing capabilities through the center. I feel more confident in starting my career given the tools the DMC has provided me with!”

— Mae Baltz, Public Policy ‘20-’21; Economics Major, Math and Statistics Minor

“At the DMC, I was able to continue what I learned as part of the Business Analytics program in SQL and Tableau, applying what I learned about databases and visualizations in a public policy setting with real data. I collected new data and filled ad-hoc requests in a timely manner. Then, I had to figure out how to communicate what I had found to the team efficiently. I honed these communication skills by leading the Data Analysis Group. I got to work in a great team of motivated interns. This made me realize that I want to do the same professionally, instead of working by myself.”

— Benjamin Mairs, Data Analytics Manager; Business Analytics MS Student

I love being an intern with the DeVoe L. Moore Center! Every week, I read fascinating theses that my peers write. Then, I summarize these into blog posts to be posted to the Wicked Problems, Wicked Solutions blog! I am constantly learning different tools to improve my writing, such as concise writing and writing in active voice. My supervisor, Amber (Editorial and Public Affairs Manager) provides great edits that help me fine-tune my writing even more. She is always available for editing conferences, which are extremely beneficial when I need another pair of eyes on my blog as I am writing. I am much more confident in writing professionally, which I will be able to apply to other professional opportunities in the future. Interning with the DeVoe L. Moore Center is an incredible experience!

— Jacqueline Rao, Summer Writing Program Intern; Political Science and English Major

Community and Collaboration

“The DeVoe L. Moore Center is the premier undergraduate resource for students looking to conduct both economic and entrepreneurial research. Students who work at the DMC gain experience in policy lab work, data analytics, and various social entrepreneurship projects. Since I started working for the center, I’ve learned a lot, gotten the opportunity to meet incredible people, and have watched numerous undergraduate students produce excellent work!” 

— Mike Avi, ‘18, outreach manager

“Working with the DMC has a more educational experience than some of the courses I’ve paid for at Florida State. The opportunity to bounce ideas off of aspiring and established economists has been so valuable. I’ve learned a lot about research, survey building, and the importance of establishing professional relationships with your colleagues. It has been a great experience and one that I hope to continue.” 

— Stephany Bittar, ‘17, research assistant, Social Entrepreneurship 

“The DeVoe L. Moore Center was one of the most important parts of my Florida State University experience. I made friends, built connections, and learned what I’m truly capable of in an environment that felt less like an internship and more like a true career. My tenure sorted me into a career that I equally felt I would enjoy and matched my capabilities. The DeVoe L. Moore Center was a crucial aid in my job search. I can say with the up most confidence that my placement in the professional world was largely impacted by my experiences and roles within the DMC. For those looking to get into research, data analytics, or even a mix of the two I cannot recommend the DMC enough for both your time at Florida State and your future career.” 

— Dakota Davy, FSU ‘19, B.S., Economics, former Data Analytics Manager

“The success of the center is due to the focus and reliance on interdisciplinary collaboration. All projects involve some level of partnership, even for remote interns. Shared productivity suites, team meetings, and a strong editorial process ensure that every student benefits from the range of skills that the center attracts.  As a manager, I am learning the mechanics of collaborative work environments and what strategies produce the best products within them. The skills I will take from my DeVoe L. Moore Center are extensive. The experience is additive to my course work, challenging to my leadership skills, and incomparably beneficial to my professional development. I am grateful to continue my work with the center and carry a refined skill set into graduate school and beyond.  ”

— Amber Hedquist, Editorial and Public Affairs Manager ‘19-’21

“During my time as an Editorial intern with the DMC I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to editing, writing and media. This internship has not only aided me in becoming a better EWM student, but it has taught me new skills that will open up broader opportunities for me in the future. The DMC has also allowed me to make beneficial connections and expand my overall network. Overall,  this internship has been an experience I won’t forget and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of something great!”

— Joy Daniels, Editorial Team ‘20

“Working at the DMC allowed me the freedom to conduct my own independent research and make it relevant to my own personal interests. As well, being able to interact with so many students who all have starkly different life goals expanded my perception of the professional world and made me realize all of the amazing things that students are truly capable of achieving. Having come into the DMC unfamiliar with research, let alone how an economic think tank functions, I felt as if I had entered an entirely new world of people who have passions in topics that I have never even thought of before. Being in this kind of environment made me realize how valuable my education was and I am thankful to have been a part of it!

— Maia Hass, BS International Affairs and Marketing, Public Policy

“The DMC was of great help to me. It did not only help me grow in my writing and research skills but also learn to have deadlines in a work environment. Also, the support and help not only from Dr. Staley and Dr. Taylor but also from my other peers was of big help to be able to achieve my research which I plan to continue.” 

— Maria Cespedes, Public Policy ‘20-’21; Economics Major,  Commercial Entrepreneurship Minor

“The Devoe Moore Center has provided the most valuable experience of my pre-professional career. Regular meetings with professionals and other pre-professionals, hands-on mentoring, and encouragement throughout research allowed for enrichment unlike any other. I would not feel as prepared for my professional career as I do without the DMC and I am truly grateful for the opportunities it has provided me.” 

– Chelsea Gow, Public Policy, ‘19-’21; BS in Psychology

“My interactions with DMC alumni, through career panels and by personally reaching out has shown me that they all wish to see current DMC interns succeed and have been very beneficial in helping me fix my resume, find job openings, as well as offer advice in starting a career beyond academia. Overall I am very pleased with the experience I received while working with the DMC and hope to be able to give back to current interns in future as I establish a career.”

— Stephen M. Schneider, Data Analytics ‘20-’21; Economics, Political Science Major

“The DMC has served as a critical component in my professional development. With regular access to management and creative resources, I felt better equipped in my role as Senior Graphic Web Designer. The open, inclusive environment fostered creative workflows that helped build stronger relationships with my peers; I would not be where I am today without the support of a wonderfully collaborative and dedicated team. Dr. Staley and Dr. Taylor exhibited utmost respect for the careful work of interns and ensured a hospitable space to work diligently. I am beyond grateful for my time with the DMC.”

— Winston Lee, Data Analytics ‘19-’21; BS in Information and Comm. Technology

Beyond The Campus

The DMC provides students with an awesome experience in anything from undergraduate research to on-site evaluations in third world countries. The work I do for the center is built upon my own passion for social entrepreneurship and allows me a ton of flexibility to think and work creatively. I encourage anyone interested in the social sciences to become involved. I wish I had done it sooner!”

— Selene Caparelli, International Affairs ‘15, social entrepreneurship intern and project manager, Fall 2014–Spring 2016

“Attending APEE’s annual conference was undoubtedly one of the highlights of my college career. The research experience made available to me through the Devoe Moore Center was invaluable in and of itself. The fact that I was able to cap it off by presenting at APEE’s undergraduate research competition only made it all the more so. Over three days I met a number of academics and students like myself. The coming together of great minds and the exchange of ideas was an unforgettable experience for which I will forever be grateful.” 

— Diego Cardenas, May 5, 2017, Awardee of Undergraduate Research Competition, “Workers Compensation Insurance Markets: Regulation, Composition and Effect on the Business Climate.”

“The DeVoe Moore Center has been instrumental in my development as a future researcher and scholar. I was thoroughly supported by my research mentors and the staff at the DMC in every step of my chosen research project. I was given the flexibility and freedom to pursue a topic timely and local to the state in which I grew up and live. The DMC has also encouraged me to submit my work for recognition at state and national conferences which were accepted – for which I am grateful. I feel extremely confident the experience I gained through the interaction, development and support through the DMC will prepare me to be successful in the academic realm however I choose.”

— Arnel Garcesa, Public Policy ‘19-’20; Statistics Major, Economics Minor, SAS Certificate

“Interning at the DMC gave me the tools to apply what I had learned in my undergraduate degree. As a public policy intern, I was able to create my own research project and learn the process of developing research from a quantitative perspective. Invaluable experiences such as presenting at research symposiums prepared me for my graduate degree studies and future career.”

— Noelle Du Bois, Public Policy ‘20-’21; Political Science and Economics Major