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Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Still Vulnerable to Underfunding

By Chad Thomas Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Citizens) is a state-run insurer of last resort for commercial and residential property owners unable to afford a policy in the private market. Citizens tends to insure wealthy homeowners along the coast, … Continue reading

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Targeted Industry Tax Incentives in Florida

By Marisa Lupica Tax incentives are a significant but ineffective part of states’ economic development policy. As of 2012 states spent an estimated $80.4 billion annually on tax incentives for businesses. Yet, most economic research on the subject finds that … Continue reading

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Decision-making in a Community Redevelopment Agency

By Casey Barr As discussed in a previous blog post, Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs) are a form of special district government that funds local redevelopment projects with taxpayer subsidies. But how are spending and organizational decisions made in a CRA? (Source: … Continue reading

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Community Redevelopment Agencies

By Casey Barr Local governments face the perennial dilemma of obtaining money to fund community redevelopment projects. Requesting state or federal funds can be an arduous bureaucratic process, and these funds are often awarded to larger, more prominent cities, ignoring … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Highest Earning Counties in Florida

By: Igor Lukashevich and Nadia James The top six Florida counties for revenue intake per capita are as follows: Duval, Monroe, Miami-Dade, Franklin, Charlotte, and Collier. Total revenues for counties follow very closely with total expenditures, as the same six … Continue reading

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Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is Regressive and Risky

By Matt Kelly Citizens Property Insurance Corporation was formed by the Florida Legislature in 2002 for the purpose of serving Florida’s residual property insurance market. Its creation was justified by the argument that middle-income residents have a tough time purchasing … Continue reading

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Price Regulations Complicate Net Metering and Solar Energy

By Logan Shewmaker As in four other states, all electricity for residential use in Florida must be purchased from franchised utility companies. However, solar energy advocates are trying to change this by allowing private purchase agreements between residents and solar … Continue reading

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